Spring is a time of rebirth. And Ubbi and Dubbi are so ready for that! DDP always strives to create a safe (and amazing) space for our friends new and old to rave together – ever since the earliest days of dance music – and we are working to do the same now. With COVID cases dropping and more people getting vaccines, we believe that with your help we will be able to move forward with the Ubbi Dubbi Music Festival.

We are partnering with CLEAR, experts in reducing COVID risks, the local government, and the health community, and we will partner with you. Together, with grins and masks up, we are working tirelessly to create an amazing and safe space for us all to rave together. Our success as one of the first festivals in the world to return safely depends on your help and compliance with new guidelines. We will update you again as soon as we can with details on our new Health Pass and any lineup additions or adjustments.

So masks up, hands in the air – let’s do this!

clear health pass